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Populist opinion polls are communicating to President Trump and are a core part of the movement to Make America Great Again.

President Trump has an opportunity to make America greater and stronger. Trump can do this by rewriting the rules of interactions between political groups, lobbyists and bureaucrats. Donald Trump must continue his outreach to groups and individuals who value the uniqueness and greatness of America in the world. Trump must continue to break the monopoly Democrats have had over the black community. Economic conditions got worse for many black Americans by making them dependent on government. Trump must endeavor to achieve the support of all demographics to be a truly great president. However how can Donald Trump be America’s change agent when he says opinions are fake news if people don’t like his decisions. Polls represent the views of millions of Americans. Very often Trump will try to discredit all negative opinions with bizarre Twitter comments which is unusual and alarming behavior from a president. Donald Trump uses very authoritarian tactics when challenging polls from mainstream media and by his behavior on Twitter. will assess people’s opinions on the decisions Donald Trump is making and the protests that are occurring in relation to these decisions while hoping that Donald Trump will be the most successful president ever. Each poll has accompanying Youtube videos for you to watch before voting.

Should All Marijuana Be Classified As Medical Pot?

Should US states follow Colorado to allow retailers reclassify all their pot as medical pot in case federal authorities start seizing recreational pot? Time Link

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Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana in Colorado

Is George Soros paying people to protest President Trump?

Are all protesters against President Trump genuine protesters or are some protesters being paid by billionaires like George Soros?

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Stop Operation Soros
George Soros protesters

Will you join the witches casting spells against President Trump?

Are you going to join the witches who are casting a mass spell to call upon magic powers to curse President Donald Trump?

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The truth about trump
witches against trump

Building a bigger border wall between Mexico and America:

Do you believe a bigger border wall will stop illegal aliens entering America?

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What would happen
Why wall won't secure US

President Trump’s first 100 days in office:

Do you think President Trump will achieve his goals for the first 100 days?

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Trump's Immigration Agenda
Meeting with US business leaders

Trump’s revised travel ban on people from 6 Muslim Countries:

Do you believe President Trump’s temporary ban on refugees from 6 Muslim countries helps to protect America?

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The truth about trump
People Outraged

If you don’t believe polls are enough to communicate your concerns or support for President Trump start a petition at Is The Best Populism Development Website of 2017

#Populism2020 is about the evolution of politics and not the current revolution which is about pointless protests. These two articles are very interesting ‘The new political leadership will have the following plan of action’ and ‘The new political leadership will protest Trump to engage in the following issues.’ Populism 2020 also collated the most viewed Populism 2020 articles and has a Populism 2020 development workshop section. If a new US political party is forming in 2017 it is essential they read the article: ‘The new political leadership will have the following plan of action.’

Michael Moore’s Resistance Calendar, Where to protest next?

Creating a monolithic protest calendar for demonstrations won’t help political development in the President Trump era. is analogous to getting every species of mouse and sending them through the same protest maze. Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Where to invade next’ was culturally educating because it collated everything that was great about Europe from work/life balance to the quality of food in schools. Collating awesome cultural European achievements in a documentary and creating a website to schedule protests are at opposite ends of the cultural spectrum. will mobilize people but it won’t organize people due to the limitations of simply scheduling protests. Michael Moore should identify the top protest types that will correct Trump on his mistakes, work towards creating a third major political party and make America great again. Then scheduled mobilizing has a chance of being organized. should be renamed or reused as to be more meaningful to the American people. A Gallup poll in January announced that those who identify themselves as “Independent” is now 42 percent of the voting electorate. Such a significant yet disparate proportion of the American public need more than scheduled protests to create a new political future.

Unique URL’s for sale to protest Trump and to stay unique:, and To purchase one of these sites please email

You decide

We’re always looking for poll suggestions to post on If you have a poll to suggest please email, thank you.

Suggested Polls:

  1.  Should Trump liaise with the FBI more effectively on wiretapping claims?
  2.  Should Twitter step in and cancel Donald Trump’s account?
  3.  Should President Trump tell anyone responsible for leaks ‘You’re fired?’
  4.  Will President Trump’s Nato policies make Putin angry?
  5.  How much of the latest Trump news is fake news?
  6.  Will President Trump Make America Great Again?
  7.  Will the Trump cabinet get it right on climate change?
  8.  Should President Trump cancel his Twitter account?
  9.  Is President Trump wrong to accuse Obama of wiretaps?
  10.  Would Russia side with China in a war in the South China Sea?
  11.  Should Alec Baldwin apologize to Donald Trump over the SNL skits?
  12.  Are Tweets and temperament a stable mix for President Trump?
  13.  Will President Trump negotiate cheaper drug prices?
  14.  Will the Trump administration negotiate a better trade deal with China?
  15.  Are ‘March 4 Trump’ rioters from UC Berkeley domestic terrorists?
  16.  Should the media stop giving Sean Spicer a hard time during press briefings?
  17.  Was Trump right to tell Bannon and Kushner to work it out?
  18.  Should Jeff Sessions stop targeting Marijuana?
  19.  Do you believe Steve Bannon is a white supremacist?
  20.  Is Kellyanne Conway getting edged out of the White House?

Associated Articles:

Forming a new political party in the Trump era

A new leadership must create a movement that better exploits the use of social media and demonstrations to give them greater attention by the main stream media and politicians. The quality of leadership versus the quantity of online or street level participation needs to be
better considered. By holding workshops and mingling among the populace the core leadership of a movement will learn the different strategies that work best with different social strata and how to appeal to a broader audience. Sophisticated movements will emerge to dominate elections, govern cities and reorient the way we engage with politics. Protesters taking to the streets and universities are very often confusing mobilizing with organizing. The current belief is that social media-driven protest movements are successful if it can translate social media membership into street action. Based on this outdated belief Michael Moore is setting up a new Resistance Calendar website to track anti-Trump protests which is simply protesting for the sake of protesting with better scheduling. One million people marched in the Women’s March on Washington in January.
They were entertained by celebrity performers like Alicia Keys and Madonna. The historic march had no effect on White House policy regarding women’s rights and an overreliance on the marches will have a serious detriment. A new era of social change has been inaugurated by ending the relying on protests.
Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party failed at creating a new political era but as Bob Dylan said ‘Don’t criticize what you can’t understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.’

Thank You Voters

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